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Perspective 1 India

Perspective 2 Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh have a dispute about the Ganga (Ganges) as both countries need the water. India needs the water for both industrial and domestic use in the city of Kolkata which is in the state of West Bengal the state where the Ganga flows through into Bangladesh. India also needs the water for irrigation use in West Bengal while Bangladesh needs the water as the Ganges is the only major river in the country except for the Brahmaputra which combines with the Ganga right on the edge of west Bengal as both rivers are flowing together into Bangladesh. Another reason for the argument is that both countries sometimes pollute the river which is specially offending India as the river is sacred for Hindus one of the major religions in India.Some reasons for pollution are that the Ganga flows into Haridwar which is a sacred place for Hindus so when pollution comes from Bangladesh because of Chemical Factories so the Indians complain about the Bangladeshis polluting their sacred water while Bangladeshis say that the diyas(sacred Hindu lamps) which are flown into the water as a tradition pollute their part of the river which they claim. Both countries had a small confrontation in 2001 after both armies came into each others land where the Ganga goes through as both countries claim but thankfully they avoided a full scale war.

Viewpoint of India : Most of the river is in India and they desperately need it while Bangladesh is a small country and has less people it doesn't need it as much as India and Bangladeshis are polluting their water by adding chemicals from their factories.

Viewpoint of Bangladesh : The river's source is in Bangladesh and they need it for things and even though they have less people they have the highest population density in the world and they have more people who suffer while India has a few rich people and India is polluting their water by adding diyas.
Arpita Tyagi
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