Name: Alethe

Natural Resource: Gas

Perspective 1: Tajikistan

Perspective 2: Uzbekistan

Description of the Conflict:
Tajikistan has a gas problem because they get gas from Uzbekistan, and in January 2010, Uzbekistan has turned the gas off by 50% to Tajikistan. In December 2009 Uzbekistan and Tajikistan signed an agreement that Tajikistan would prepayments for the gas every 10 days. It worked for a moment but then Uzbekistan cut the gas again and now there is almost no gas in Tajikistan. Uzbekistan needs the money that they collect from the gas to solve problems that are happening in the country, but also because of the dam that Tajikistan wants to build. That might be the cause of all the problems Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have. The gas that Tajikistan gets from Uzbekistan is natural gas.

One sentence viewpoint of Perspective 1: Tajikistan
Tajikistan needs gas and right now they don't have any, they are having an argument with Uzbekistan to get the gas back, and they don't want to give prepayment for the gas they will use because they think that they should pay after having the gas arrive.

One sentence viewpoint of Perspective 2: Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan wants to get the money to give the gas, and the government needs the money to pay problems inside the country.