Iona Marshalll

Water Pollution

Perspective 1
People from America that feel they want to throw water in the ocean.

Perspective 2
People from America that fell you should not throw your rubbish in the water.

Description of the Conflict
A heap of trash that is twice the size of Texas and the UK is floating somewhere in the ocean between Hawaii and 1000 miles west from California. The animals in the sea are dying and suffocating in the ocean lots of people are trying to get the trash out and try to save all of the animals thousands of fish and under water sea creatures have already died the people of Texas are really angry about people throwing the rubbish in the water. Some people think that they should be allowed to throw rubbish in the water because they think that nothing will go wrong and that it does not matter but a lot of other people know that is not good for people to do that because all of the animals are dying and if people continue doing that then there will be a 4 times bigger one in the ocean. People are also saying that is a floating island because of how big it is.

One sentence view point of Perspective 1
People from America that feel you can throw water in the ocean: The size of the trash isn't really that big...if everything is pretty much flat underneath...what is the cubic footage?
And what specifically are they studying? Like it's a surprise? We've been dumping garbage in the ocean for decades and now someone is surprised that there is garbage in the ocean? I wonder what it's made of? Perhaps everything people throw out that can possibly float? I wonder if they will do any density tests to determine if the floating garbage is more, less or equal to the density of water.....sometimes "scientists" are pretty dumb.
Solution: Ocean going vessels rigged up similar to the fishing vessels as well as large barges. Net the garbage and put it in the barge. This is what Chris said.

One Sentence view point of Perspective 2
People from America that don't want people to throw rubbish in the water: The point is that it is a giant wake up slap in the face 2 our wasteful nature. how much do you think went to the bottom if that is what got swept up? How much toxic trash do you think it is leeching into our seas...which eventually finds its way into our bodies(water cycle)and into our seafood. Its time to look at the Petro-plastic and industrial dumping that is illegally going on from huge multinational companies that dont want to see a couple percentage points knocked off their record breaking profits by following the disposal laws...its not all party boaters and beach goers who leave bottles and candy wrappers behind. This is what Holly wrote.


external image Atlantic-Garbage-Patch-5.jpg this is an image of the garbage patch, under water and only maybe a 50th of it it is not a very big amount of the garbage patch.

external image plastic-patch.jpg As you can see this is also under water and you can see the difference between a grown man and some of the patch and how big it is compared to the man.

external image garbage_patch.jpgThis is also under water and you can see that it goes from the close up of the garbage and it goes a long way down and you can see the rubbish floating down to the bottom of the ocean.

external image sea-turtle-deformed_1.jpgThis is some of the things that happens to the things in the ocean when people litter.