Name: Sergei

Resource: Natural Gas

Perspective 1:
Ukraine needs the natural gas for Europe but Russia made it cost more.

Perspective 2:

Russia's state company that has the gas is called Gazprom made the price for gas cost more.

Description of the conflict
Russia has cut of the natural gas deliveries to Ukraine on Thursday because Ukraine disagreed with the price and that is why Russia has made the prices for natural cost more. But the whole Europe doesn't get the natural gas because the pipes go under the Ukraine border and if Ukraine doesn't receive the gas neither does the whole Europe and that is a big problem because human kind uses gas for a lot of reasons.
external image GasTruck_1.jpg

This is a picture of the gas truck from the Russian company called Gazprom. The trucks deliver the gas to the Europe or they deliver the oil on land to other countries that aren't so far from Russia. But now the trucks are not delivering the gas too Europe.

external image moz-screenshot.png