Anna Masarikova

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Perspective 1
Tajikistan built a big dam, so Uzbekistan doesn't have any water for eight years. Uzbekistan will not get water in eight years because the dam will be filled in eight years...

Perspective 2
Uzbekistan is against Tajikistan because then they wouldn't have enough water and some people can die. Uzbekistan is protesting...

Description of the Conflict
Tajikistan built a huge dam that water doesn't float to Uzbekistan. They will be filling the dam with water 8 years so Uzbekistan won't get any water in the 8 years the dam is being filled. In Uzbekistan sometimes there are big earthquakes, so if there would be a big one the dam can brake.The dam can make a huge wave. The wave can destroy 700 towns, a lot of cities and the most important thing is that it can kill over 3,0000 people.It can kill people in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is really dangerous. There are a lot of conflicts over Tajikistan an Uzbekistan that are really dangerous. The dam is 335 meters high.
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One sentence of viewpoint of Perspective 1
Tajikistan's huge dam: Tajikistan don't get much water. They built the dam to have more water to drink.

One sentence of viewpoint of Perspective 2
Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan is worried because they won't get any water for 8 years and some people especially kids can die.

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