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Countries Involved: Cyprus,Greece,Turkey.

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Description of the Conflict
Cyprus is running low on drinking water some experts believe that the island will become a desert island.The reason why its happening is because the Turkish and Greek Cypriots were fighting for the land and ecosystem that the war was that the war was destroying so now there is about no drinking water. Now the country has lost 15% of their rain so their are countless droughts. The droughts are stopped by rare down pours. Things are getting worse by the day. Walter Gameltof (the head of the EU's research on water and climate change) says all predictions point to Cyprus getting about 20% less drinking water. The Greek Cypriots are making fresh water factories but that still wont be enough to hep the citizens. Many predict that if the factories make water the land will wither and become a desert. Some of Cyprus's citizens are scared that they will have to leave home or they might die. Some have no water and are strugling to survive. Cyprus is developing so more water is needed with the production and tourists coming, with all that the probem is bigger. turkey is planning to make a tube to send fresh water to Cyprus. There is a problem that would mean giving water to the greeks which are enemies so it would happen when its a tiny bit more desperate another problem is the production might take too long when its more desperate and not many will survive.

One sentence view point of Cyprus:
Cyprus is scared that they could die of not enough water and, if Turkey cant share water if they make the tube with the greek side they're getting scared they wont get any water they do not want anything on their island to become a desert.

One sentence view point of Turkey:
Turkey is trying to fix the problem by creating a huge tube, from Turkey to Cyprus to send water to Cyprus but the problem is they will have to share with their mortal enemies the Greeks so they might not do it.

One sentence view point of Greece:
Greece is waiting for the problem to be fixed by the other countries and so they can help once someone starts.

cyprus map
cyprus map