Name: Anubhuti

Resource: Wolves

Perspective 1: Ranchers

Perspective 2:Environmentalist

Description of the conflict
In Yellowstone park 80 wolves near or in it ans the ranchers have lost 50 sheep. The ranchers want to shoot all the wolves because they are losing their sheep but the scientists say that they are about none left and we should save them.Some ranchers say " Look it should be sheep or wolf, not both:" because the wolves are in a pose to attack people but most people think it is okay because people have hunted over 2 million wolves and not a single wolf could harm them.

Viewpoint 1:
The environmentalists think that since wolves are becoming endangered so they have a space that is like their environment and Yellowstone is pretty much like the environment wolves live in and so they sent 80 wolves to live in or near Yellowstone park which is good because they get food since there are a lot of ranchers there as well so there are happy.

View point 2:
The ranchers are not happy because they depend on there animals and 27 wolves ate 50 sheep which is not good news for the ranchers and they are angry about that since they have used Yellowstone park for a long time, they had it first and they deserve it but they can't do there job because of the Wolves. The wolves threaten the people and they might hurt them which is not good.The US citizens are not afraid of the wolves because people have killed over 2 million wolves and none of them could harm anybody.