Name: Tae Hyuk Yoon (Adam)external image dokdo_pic00.gif

Natural Resource:land

Topic: land of Dokdo

Description of the conflict.
the Dokdo is island.If you see the map Dokdo is very small.You see the map the Dokdo is near the Korea. But Japan say Dokdo is near the Japan.external image moz-screenshot-1.png
Look it is map. The Dokdo is near the South Korea. but Japan always say "Dokdo is our land."So sometimes Korea and Japan fight small in the Dokdo.So, Korea people have a about Dokdo 's work.

In long time ago Japan and Korea
's history has about "Dokdo is our land
." Than Japan and Korea fight in

external image a945b742800f04628547851240625ac3.jpg-This is Dokdo